What you need to know

Kotobuki & Co., Ltd. – 50 years of writing instruments

Kotobuki Group has been leading the Writing Instrument Industry as the R&D and Manufacturing company in Japan and in the world.
Our passionate desire to take our innovative ideas and produce high quality craftsmanship products
for introduction into the marketplace has resulted in many new writing instrument products.
In the background is our historical network of personal convictions not to only chase technology for its sake, but to pursue the greater possibilities available in each writing instrument.
Having reached our 50th anniversary, we continue to pursue our conviction.

Penac is a worldwide brand of KOTOBUKI Group

The brand name PENAC was created through the merging of the words “PEN” & “ACE”, while envisioning a growing brand that shall position itself as a leading brand.
The name starting with the capital P also encompasses the founding Kageyama brother’s inspiration and “Passion”.

The strengths of Kotobuki

Kotobuki & Co., Ltd. provides both (1) OEM services from the planning, designing, illustrating, sample creation, R&D, and manufacturing, and (2) ODM services
where we follow customer provided designs and R&D plans to manufacture the product requested.

High quality that prevails

We continuesly create a multitude of products with advanced, functional ideas such as our JFM (Jam Free Mechanismus) that prevents the leads from jamming with its Cushion Tip Slide Mechanism, or our super fast drying Free Ink pens and many more.

Tradition meets quality

The PENAC brand was founded in 1994 in Japan by the OEM/ODM company KOTOBUKI, for providing highly functional and high quality products to the European market. For over 20 years since then, PENAC has been a familiar brand to the people of Europe.